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At our nursery

We care for children of all nationalities at Laura’s Lodge. We welcome all children with individual needs and disabilities. We are happy to discuss your child’s individual needs and requirements. We strive to provide a professional service that where possible, can cater individually for your child, from dietary to physical needs.

At Laura’s Lodge we provide the best quality childcare at all times, in a stimulating environment with the support of a staff team who are suitably qualified in all areas of childcare.

We recognise at Laura’s Lodge that all children develop at different rates. We monitor and carry out individual observations up until the child goes to school. Our observations cover all areas of learning. These observations are available to parents/carers to view at any time. If we were to have any concerns over a child’s development we would first discuss this with the parent/carer and if needed get specialist advice.

The Baby Room

Is dedicated to providing the right environment for babies. The babies have a stimulating, loving friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our routine in the baby room is flexible to accommodate our babies’ daily needs.

The Wobbler Room

Has some structure in their daily routine. Providing appropriate toys and activities to suit their growing individual needs.

The Toddler Room

Has everything they need to play, relax and be adventurous.

Preschool Room

We have a good routine with educational stimulation through play. We always make their days fun filled, with all areas of learning covered in preparation for school.

Afterschool Room

The children have an enormous input into deciding what they want to do daily. We also provide opportunity for children to do their homework. During school holidays daily activities and outings are planned.

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